Sincro Sitewatch Ltd Provide Industry Standard Reliability & Professionalism in Telecoms Power Provision, Site Maintenance & BTS Security Across Africa.

Our Experience

A Word from The Management

  • Sincro Sitewatch Ltd has been at the helm since the birth of Cellular Telecoms in Tanzania. Over 16 years experience in the industry has allowed us to develop a unique, cogent formula to maximize power up-time, reduce call outs and deliver real opex savings for our client. Our background in UK gen set manufacture enables us to continue to reduce input costs and innovate new evolving technologies so that we can constantly innovate performance improvements.


  • Our approach to logistics and implementation require a deep understanding of our clients needs. This relationship allows us to develop strict processes and checks, ensuring the maximum power uptime for their projects.

    Zacharia Mselle MD of SINCRO SITEWATCH LTD

  • Telecoms is at the very heart of our DNA, and we are working to continuously improve our performance.

    Robin West – Head of Service Assurance and Compliance